Office Of Systems


The College of Exact Sciences and Technologies (FCEyT) in the last decade has begun to improve its services in response to the expected needs of educational community, in the concept of information technology and communication. With the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), there were established a series of objectives in order to provide information service and sharing of knowledge, with unique network sources and engaging environments of communication that are friendly and secure, while thinking always about the students and staff or clients in general. This way there were elaborated and implemented a series of specific systems in order to support administrative processes, administrative structures such as the honorable Council of Directors, Bedelia, and other dependencies of the Academic Unit.

On a parallel fashion the College invested resources towards renewing all equipment of information lab (FOMEC 1081) equipped with internet connections, destined to foster research and professional practice to students majoring in different careers and disciplines.

Moreover the College leadership undertook an important commitment to increase investment in the training of human resources, infrastructure and hardware, in order to adopt the System of Academic Administration – SIU-GUARANI (System of Automatic Information Destined to the administration of Students’ Information), the one that continues to apply the latest standards and versions that are required by the System of University Information (SIU). In the same year was published the website of the College in order to further extend the possibilities of sharing institutional information. Today’s reality brings together all University Institutions, and particularly the Academic Units, in the process of evaluation, accreditation and other important global initiatives, in a periodical manner, while fulfilling the improvement of their services and products, the very ones that require a complete organization and top notch standards. The use of ICT in our institution has represented a change and a notable shift in different sectors, creating and sharing knowledge as a technical and cultural instrument.

The adequate integration of ICT: infrastructure of information circuit, computers, internet connection, services and programs, etc., distributed under the rules that ensure the efficient and responsible use of these tools, maintenance requirements and presence of trained personnel in order to administer the network of data and provide assistance to all users (leadership, administrative staff, professors and students).

In this context we have expanded the use of the College’s information systems in a separate Office of Systems that integrates cutting edge technologies, innovation and development. We should not forget that this reality is associated with ICT’s new working routine and popularity trends, new strategies and the transformation of values and attitudes in relation to the institutional information that requires a commitment and responsibility by all members of the community.

The Office of Systems in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies (FCEyT) will depend from the Dean’s Office and provide constant assistance, mentorship to other offices, while contributing in the modernization of the College, always under the framework of its mission, vision, values, objectives, organizational structure, functions and pending tasks.


Constitutes in the field that enables the best organization of “information” resources of an established Academic Unit, through the administration of ICT and provide technical and administrative support to professors’ and serve their needs, research and extension projects in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies.


Provide information technology solutions based on the operational and technical needs of the College, with the purpose of strengthening, increasing and supporting the development of information that is accurate, viable, accessible and constantly updated.

Work is an ongoing activity that enables the university to establish contacts and build relationships on a day by day basis; these partnerships are built under a framework of values that is demonstrated in practice with habits and attitudes of coexistence and generates for our community a useful resource and appreciated outcomes by the leadership of the university.

Explore a harmonious information development in our College, as an integral part of the same institution place in order to set forth and practice the values based upon the principles such as:

  • Sense of belonging
  • Respect Honesty and Professional Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Entrepreneurial attitude


  • This area will directly depend from the Dean of the College, who can define or adjust the College’s policies and its daily tasks as they are deemed necessary.
  • All requirements or services that are addressed to the Office of Systems should be planned according to the work policies of the same office, with the appropriate authorization of the Dean’s Office in the College.
  • The responsible staff member of the office should inform periodically the Dean’s Office about the advancements of the ongoing projects.
  • There should be a fluid communication among the team works of the office in order to ensure the accomplishment of pending projects.
  • The Office of Systems should provide advice that is related to its daily operations to every other office that is part of the College.
  • The Office of Systems should estimate the regular maintenance of websites and servers, within the framework of the College, communicating all changes to final users.


Satisfy the needs of the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies in the field of Information and Communication Services while ensuring a highly ethical, true, genuine and prompt fashion; support the institutional operations with networks that are equipped with a secured communication system; ensuring the storage, processing, and safeguarding of all communications data that are related to the daily operations of the College.


The Office of Systems, must be instrumental in order to deal with future demands and requirements, requires its administrators and technicians who are permanently generating advanced developments to shape a secured path and institutional horizon in the field of ICT.


  • Formulate and execute policies and processes that are related to ICT according to rules and regulations that are in effect at the National University of Santiago del Estero and the National Ministry of Education.
  • Intervene in the definition of objectives, elaboration of policies and internal proceedings at the College that are destined to improve and better organize the Information Systems.
  • Administer the Systems of Information with the objective of improving the academic administration, research and administrative projects of the institution. This implies the development, implementation, supervision, and maintenance of SIU-Guarani systems, SIU-Kolla, among others.
  • Organize studies of technical and operational feasibility, while defining the time frame and physical requirements for the projects of information systems that are requested by the Dean’s office.
  • Plan and administer the infrastructure of networks and information services in the College.
  • Compile and organize, in an integral format, the documentation of systems that are implemented.
  • Brainstorm, generate ideas and suggest processes or grids of communication within the College in order to improve the time to replace parts on behalf of the user.
  • Revise the results of processes and incorporate corrective actions according to the ongoing university policies.
  • Ensure the normal functioning of all information systems, in such a way so that any defects would not affect and jeopardize the academic and administrative procedures of the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies (FCEYT).
  • Serve in an advisory capacity for the purchase of information resources, related to Hardware, Software and/or other services every time that is requested by the Dean of the College.
  • Ensure inviolability and confidentiality of information administered by the Information Systems of academic unit. Implement and administer the automatic systems of information developed by the consortium of Inter-university Information System (SIU) in all fields of the College, ensuring the available resources and provide services for the user.
  • Train users on how to utilize all systems provided by SIU and others that are implemented in the field studies of faculty.
  • Provide to the Dean regular briefing and statistical data obtained through the processing of information systems and data logs.
  • Acquire an inventory of hardware, software, licenses and manuals owned by the institution.