On Departments

Rules and Regulations of Department Chairs


  • Annex Resolution 019/04


Corresponds to Directors of Academic Departments:


  • Coordinate the academic activities of the Department approved by the Dean´s Office.
  • Stimulate the development of scientific research, pedagogy and extension of professors.
  • Chair meetings with Professors of the Academic Department.
  • Present every year the Plan of Activities of the Academic Department to the Dean´s office.
  • Propose annually the delegation of assignments, functions and tasks to professors in the area of academic department.
  • Propose the creation of Labs and organize their management.
  • Propose the integration of the Academic Tribunals and Jurors for competitions of job promotion among professors.
  • Promote the integration of Exam Tribunals of the academic courses that pertain to every Academic Department.
  • Promote activities that foster continuing education for professors.
  • Propose the appointment of professors to participate in activities that improve training, workshops, scientific meetings, courses and other events organized by the College.
  • Provide advice about the issuing of permissions requested by professors of the Academic Department (licenses, assistance of events, and others). 
  • Propose the appointment, renovation and resignation of academic staff in the academic department. 
  • Coordinate the ways of communication within the Academic Department. 
  • Facilitate the communication with the other organizations of the College. 
  • Promote contacts with external organizations and attract of subscription of memorandum of understanding with analogous organizations. 
  • Present every year to the Dean’s office a summary of all events and activities that are developed within the Academic Department.  
  • Bring to the attention of the Dean’s office all actions and behavior undertaken by professors that belong to the Academic Department, vulnerable to the application of any disciplinary measure, and if appropriate, implement necessary actions.