Institute Of Water Resources

Director :

  • Ingeniero FARIAS, Héctor Daniel, B.E.

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General Objectives

The general objective of the institute is to advance the study and research of every aspect related to the Water Resources, fostering in every moment, the training of human resources, and the transference of these results and knowledge at the university environment and the community in general.


Specific Objectives

  • Unify the scientific and technological efforts that are developed in the field of water resources at the university and incorporate new areas of investigation that are not taking place at the present.
  • Establish relations for the organization of joint actions with national organizations, provincial and municipal organizations of every focus in our province, as well as in the north western region of Argentina and throughout the country.
  • Train and improve the knowledge of researchers and specialists in every aspect that is connected within the field of water resources.  
  • Spread the knowledge, in the provincial and regional level, of the adequate technology as it corresponds in every case.
  • Contribute towards a conscientious attitude, responsible and reflexive in respect to the reigning and permanent need to improve the use and the preservation of an element such as water, which is every time more precious and scarce.
  • Offer training to technicians and professionals that are dedicated to the management, operation, control and management of water resources.
  • Underline priorities, approve, assign resources and evaluate results of projects of investigation and/or extension (services) that are developed within its sphere of influence. 



The institute will develop its activity through the specialized centers of investigation, the ones that are created to address specifically the distinct areas of knowledge that shape the expanded spectrum of water resources. The centers of investigation are five and each one of them will develop their projects in the areas detailed below.


Centers of Research

  • Center of Hydro-geological Studies (CHS).
  • Center of Environmental hydrology and health engineering (CHAIS).
  • Center of Water Management (CWM).
  • Center of Investigations in Hydrology, Fluvial Dynamics and Hydro-Informatics (CIHFDHI).
  • Center of Applied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Models (CAHHM).    


Source: Resolution: Nº 086/94