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  • Ingeniero DIAZ, Mario Alberto, B.E.

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General Objectives

  1. Develop and promote studies and research in every aspect related to: electronics, electricity, mechanical engineering and their applications in energy, system´s control and communications.
  2. Encourage training of Human Resources; and the transference of knowledge and its results in the university environment, production sector and the community in general.

Specific Objectives

  1. Unify the scientific and technological initiatives that are, in connection to the studies and topics mentioned previously, developed in the university and incorporate new areas of research that are currently considered to be groundbreaking initiatives. 
  2. Establish relations for the accomplishment of joint actions with national, provincial and municipal entities in all the provinces, as well as in the North Western region and throughout the country.
  3. Train and improve the preparation of researchers and specialists in every discipline that is connected to electricity, electronics and mechanics.
  4. Share the scientific and technological knowledge within the framework of priorities at a provincial, regional and national level.
  5. Offer training to technicians and professionals dedicated to resolve the current challenges and obstacles in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and electro-mechanics and applications in associated technologies.
  6. Establish priorities, approve, assign resources and evaluate the results of projects of investigation and extension (services) of training human resources that are developed within its research focus and context.


The Institute will develop its activities through the center of specialized research, those that are created to address specifically the distinct areas of knowledge that shape up its area of study.


Centers of Investigation

  1. Center of Renewable Energy and Potential Systems (CESPER) 
  2. Center of Control Systems and Electronics of Power (CESCYEP)
  3. Center of Technology of Telecommunications (CETT)


Source: Resolution Nº 094/10


Information for the Assembly - 2012