The administration of Human Resources consists in: planning, organization, development and coordination, capacity to promote the effective operations of staff and personnel. The organization of this office represents the tools that allow people to cooperate in order to reach individual objectives directly or indirectly related to work.  It means to acquire and maintain the people in the organization, while working and give the maximum in a work place while embracing a positive and favorable attitude.  Represents all those items that make team members become more dedicated and serve with dedication to the organization.
Today we aspire to innovate a dynamic perspective while creating specifically an area of human resources that has a long term strategy, with a macro institutional presence that participates in the different areas of the faculty with the objective to establish and maintain channels in order to foster internal and external communication that is needed in order to reach environments of dynamic setting, that is flexible and adoptable to change, with high results in quality and quantity. 
With a specific goal: “The best of institutions is in its people”, and considering human resources the strategic leverage, that should be given special priority, there should be implemented a greater level of management in the office of personnel and human resources with a vision to ensure proactive administration of human capital and to improve responding time and quality of service, with an innovative work model, integrated and very prompt, that coincides with the needs and policies of development and strategic growth in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies (FCEyT).
The area of human resources in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies (FCEyT) will depend from the administrative secretary and it will provide transversal assistance, as a dependent office of support, to the academic units while supporting the potential of learning, professional growing and innovation, maintain a clear definition of its mission, vision, values, objectives, policies, organizational structure, functions and tasks:



In full harmony with the objectives set forth by the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies, support the administration in the area of human resources in order to accomplish a high level in quality of life, labor, personal and social benefits.


To be a Human Resources Office that would provide the best productive efforts that stimulate organizational culture based in growth, flexibility and efficiency, in a collaborative team work that is characterized by respect and compassion.


  • Sense of being an integral part of the institution
  • Dedication to Service
  • Interest to help people
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Compassion
  • Equality




  • Incorporate, organize and develop human resources of the Faculty in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies.
  • Plan and implement ambitious actions that optimize administrative processes that facilitate the management of working teams, characterized by an adequate communication strategy in order to offer a service of quality to the educational community of  FCEyT.


  • Plan, execute and regulate assigned tasks that are prerogative to human resources while respecting the policies and rules, norms and manuals that sanction this sector.
  • Elaborate plans or programs of continuing education that allow the integral development of employees that are not professors, for their successful work duties.
  • Elaborate and implement a policy that is respected by all non-faculty personnel in the college.
  • Elaborate and implement a plan to safeguard hygiene and labor security of workers in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies, drafted in accordance to the national and regional legislation.
  • Implement the protocol and ceremonial processes of the College (FCEyT).



  • Establish and maintain a close communications pattern, permanent and useful contact with leadership and staff of FCEyT.
  • Promote the consciousness, change of attitude and commitment towards the institution
  • Provide the best possible service pertaining to Human Resources to all staff of FCEyT, while exploring the adequate strategies towards the best use of personnel that is a member of supporting and administrative team and set forth the items of activities that ought to be developed.
  • Increase the training level of professionalism of workers that are staff members (not part of the teaching faculty) through a system of retribution, possibilities of institutional promotion, administrative career.
  • Explore ways to minimize the bureaucratic and administrative management of the College, while implementing an integrated administration of Human Resources in order to maximize the best results possible.
  • Put in practice sustainable selection policy of candidates that are suitable to participate in a series of non-faculty positions available while keeping in mind a long term strategy.