Office of Curriculum Evaluation and Accreditation

PERSON IN CHARGE​: Mg. Ing. Marcia Rizo Patrón



The office of Evaluation and Curriculum Accreditation (AEAC, acronyms in Spanish) has as its mission to incorporate the culture of continuing and permanent evaluation as a strategy of administration in order to improve the quality of education in the College of Exact Sciences and Technologies of the National University of Santiago del Estero, and accomplish the curriculum accreditation within the framework of Art. 43 of the National Higher Education Law Nr. 24.521




  • Organize the Institutional auto-evaluation process
  • Coordinate and monitor the processes of curriculum and academic career accreditation of undergraduate and graduate
  • Generate Space of discussion among the different processes of evaluation, not only internal but also external, within the framework of the college’s policy
  • Promote the elaboration of tangible outcomes that originate from concrete results of evaluation and accreditation processes of academic careers studied their proper respective accreditation.
  • Design, coordinate and participate in the evaluation of professors’ role in the framework of permanent process of Institutional Auto evaluation. (Executive Order 582)
  • Contribute in the training of human resources through the organization of courses and academic careers that contain information and professional training in the fields that they are involved in teaching.
  • Promote the signing of Memorandums of Understanding between the College and Institutions or Organizations in this field in order to facilitate the transference of knowledge and services to community.
  • Participate in the actions of coordination with the National Commission of University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU).

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