Bedelia Office


To Collaborate with the Academic Secretariat ensuring the efficient and positive development of the projects while maintaining its operational profile between teachers’ activity and students in the technical and administrative sectors of the Faculty.




  • Provide assistance to the academic secretariat in the organization and service support destined to the academic support;
  • Administrate the systems of information with the objective of improving the academic administration, in research and administrative of the institution.  This implicates the development, implementation, supervision and maintenance of systems (SIU-Guarani, SIU-Koya, among others).
  • Share information and train the professorial team and University staff, Students and recent graduates about solutions, provide services and assistance that facilitate the use of information systems administered by FCEyT.
  • Ensure the inviolability and confidentiality of the information administered by the information systems of the academic unit. 
  • Ensure the normal functioning of the information systems, in such a way that technical issues in these systems would not affect the academic and administrative proceedings of FCEYT; collaborate in the articulation and definition of information systems security, participate in the design and implementation of recovery and contingency plans.
  • Provide reports to the academic secretariat or statistical data obtained through the processing of data from the information systems.  All the data requirements must be channeled and authorized by the Academic Secretary for their distribution and use. 
  • Develop and maintain the website of the College
  • Administer the requests of website editors and protected spaces in the web servers for the distinct areas of the college and also the list of classes that are required
  • Administer requests to issue email addresses within the university community.
  • Administer the information website of the college, pertaining to hardware and software
  • Publish academic annual calendar of the college, present information to the interested parties about any questions there may be;
  • Publish the exam dates and resolutions, memos, etc. that are related to this area or sector.
  • Keep updated the dates of examining juror sessions for exams, for this item there must be a permanent coordination with the department of students and academic secretariat.
  • Hand in to professors and host the documents of this community in examination forms issued by the department of students of the College.
  • Make available and publish in the website of the College the programming of classes of different academic careers as well as the academic study plans.
  • Programming hours of classes and classrooms, based on the available number of classrooms, requirements of academic departments and the structure of academic plan
  • Update the list of students for university elections, in coordination with the academic secretariat and the department of students
  • Prepare documents of students’ participation in classrooms and exams for the faculty, according to the dates and hours established by the College, and send them to the human resources office in the College for the registration of signatures.
  • Revise the plan of class participation and exams for the professors, and inform daily, to the academic secretariat and to the directors of academic departments, the news about licenses, tardy, absences and other logistical matters.  In order to fulfill this mission it must consult with the human resources area in the College, with the mission to present the new development in observations of the respective attendance sheet that is presented.
  • Draft weekly and monthly reports in relation to licenses, tardy and absences of professorial staff, which will be taken to the faculty personnel, Academic Secretariat and Academic Departments
  • Elaborate and submit to the academic secretariat annual reports about the new developments in respect to the fulfillment of hours of classes and exams on behalf of the professors, these annual reports will be considered in the process of Control of Faculty Administration of FCEyT.
  • Control, revise and re-establish the administered medias (transparent and emails) of dependencies
  • Inform professors and students about new innovations, communications and all new pertinent information.
  • Publish licenses of the faculty and staff about the daily knowledge of students
  • Inform the interested parties about the development of different resolutions in reference to every career
  • Handle the general demands of information relative to the area of study, introduced by the professors and students through the use of phones and emails.
  • Administer and share information, in a regular fashion with the academic secretariat of the College the request and suggestions of students and professors.
  • Inform the academic secretariat about the conflicting cases with respect to the attendance of students and professors classrooms, open and close the classrooms, control the state of conservation, order and cleanliness, connection and disconnection of equipment, lighting, Air Conditioner Systems, by Air, Gas or Electricity, handle the keys.
  • Receive justification of absences of students in classes and exams
  • Provide briefing on the material problems that are produced in the classrooms, while handling in their case the deficiencies, and notify when items are missing or require a special care from an expert.
  • Provide to faculty the necessary items to organize classes every day (chalk and blackboard).
  • Inform the Academic Secretariat about the needs of didactic material for the teaching of classes.
  • Handle the needs of the institution in respect to the audio visual equipment, coordinate and arrange, maintain and control equipment, suggest the purchasing of materials and bring these concerns every month to the Academic Secretariat, an inventory of all that is functioning. 
  • Provide to the faculty the audio visual equipment (projector, notebook and other items), that are needed for the development of the classroom, competitions, exams, courses, presentations of final works. Arrange the transportation of instruments, equipment or the working materials to the destination or up to the vehicle that has to transport it.
  • Collaborate during the development of introduction classes in College.
  • Collaborate in the events and other meetings that are organized within the framework of the College
  • Handle the enrollment in post graduate courses that are not part of the postgraduate careers taught in college.
  • Administer enrollment of students, alumni and the public in general for the extracurricular courses that offered in the college.
  • Award certificates to students of undergraduate and graduate courses (that do not belong to the postgraduate careers of the college)
  • Control the order of access of persons and dependencies, and address them accordingly.
  • Comply with any project that is mentioned above or that is similar to the description, so that there are amended by its hierarchical superiors and result to be necessary for reasons of service, and there are other applicable norms.

More details are provided in the resolution: