Especialización en Enseñanza en Ciencias Exactas





Career is accredited for six years according to Resolution CONEAU Nr. 1079/13


  • Facilitate an update of knowledge in epistemology, pedagogy and didactics in natural sciences and technology.
  • Improve training of teachers through reflexive practice that allows them to evaluate their acts, knowledge and know-how.
  • Promote from the Institution the strengthening of existing knowledge and consolidation in the framework of justice of human rights, democracy and peace.  
  • Promote the competencies to contribute the educational impact that could generate the professorial transformation in the province, region and in the nation, fostering the investigation in the teaching of natural sciences and technologies.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge, preparing qualified human resources for research in teaching practices.


  • Equipped with a solid epistemological and didactic knowledge in natural sciences.
  • Is able to design, implement and evaluate projects of investigation in teaching of natural sciences and also to propose actions, activities and projects that could improve the quality of education in the institution where they work.


  • Submit a request of admission in this career
  • Approved admission by the Academic Committee responsible of the Career Program in teaching of natural Sciences.
  • Accomplish the Postgraduate normative that is required at UNSE.
  • Graduates who do not belong to the career majors mentioned previously, and contemplated in Art. 39 of the Main Policy will be evaluated by the committee of admission which will determine the pertinence of admittance and the need to organize additional complimentary workshops.

Potential students:

  • University Graduates in Sciences, Natural and Experimental Sciences
  • University graduates in the engineering fields
  • Other graduates: LES (Art. 39 Bis) with previous admission by the Academic Committee.


Obligatory Courses:

  1. Epistemological Problems of Education in Sciences
  2. Education in front of the new Emerging Society
  3. Institutions and Educational Processes
  4. Introduction to the Study of University Curriculum
  5. Education in Sciences such as the Field of Knowledge and Investigation
  6. Educational Investigation
  7. Communication and New Technologies in the Classroom
  8. Teaching of Technology.

Optional Courses:

  1. Design of Projects of Department of Math Sciences
  2. Integration of Content in the area of Natural Sciences and other areas
  3. Challenges in Math Education
  4. Challenges in Chemistry Education

 Integrating work regulations last Resolution