Instituto de Materiales Estructura y Construcción

Director :

  • Ingeniera NIETO, María Marcela, B.E.


General Objectives

The general objective of the institute is to push forward the studies and research in every aspect related with structures, the constructions and materials, promoting in every moment, the training of human resources and exchange of results and/or knowledge in the university environment and community in general.


Specific Objectives

  1. Unify the scientific and technological efforts that are developed, in the research area of materials and structures in engineering, in the university and incorporate new areas of research that are not existent up to this moment.
  2. Establish relations for the accomplishment of joint actions with national organizations, provincial and municipal level in every sector of our province as well as in the north western region of Argentina and throughout the country.
  3. Train and improve researchers and specialists in every discipline connected with the mechanics of materials, of the structures’ design and construction.
  4. Spread the knowledge, at the provincial and regional level, of the appropriate practices that correspond in every case.
  5. Offer training to experts and professionals dedicated to resolve the challenges in structural engineering, in construction and the use of materials.
  6. Underline priorities, approve, assign resources and evaluate the results of projects of investigation and / or extension (services) that could be developed in this field.



The Institute will develop its activities through the specialized Centers of Research; such institutions are created to address in a specific fashion the distinct areas of knowledge that shape each area of their respective research.


Centers of Research

  • Center of Applied Mechanics and Structures (CAMS)
  • Center of Geological Studies and Geo-technicians (CGSG)
  • Center of Materials Technology and of Construction (CMTC)

Professors, Investigation professors and researchers will be incorporated voluntarily at an institute, through the different centers of investigation, according to the research specialty and/or research work to be developed. His incorporation will be taking place at an indisputable form and his research activities will take place in the laboratories and/or offices that the College will assign for such purposes.


Source: Resolution Nº 190/04